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Industrial | DMI Global

Delivering world-class products in a competitive market


Now a long established player in the industrial sector, DMI Global is heavily involved in the manufacture of original and replacement parts, owning one of the largest electro-plating companies in the UK, operating from a 10,000 square metre facility. DMI Global can handle very large plating requirements from its base in North Shields and if our fixed cranes cannot lift the job, we can bring in mobile cranes that can. The Quality Management System is approved to ISO9001 and the Environmental Management System to ISO14001.

We service all industries and carry out work for major companies including: BAE Systems, General Motors, GKN, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, MAN B&W, Nissan, Rolls Royce, SAAB, SKF, Toyota and Volkswagen.


  • Shell & Tube Coolers , HVAC & Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Surface Finishing and Plating. Metal Spraying.
  • Lloyds Approved Foundry for Bronze and Gunmetal Valves
  • Petro Chemical Valves & Zero Leakage Valves.
  • Large Air Cooled Heat¬† Exchangers and Finned Tube
  • Heavy Fabrications in Steel, ¬†Aluminium and other Exotic Metals

Young & Cunningham

  • Safety Valves
  • Gate Valves
  • Globe Valves
  • Unmachined Castings
  • Bronze & Steel Materials
  • Lloyds Approved Foundry
  • ANSI, BS, DIN & JIS Standard

Highland Electroplaters

  • Anodising
  • Copper & Silver Plating
  • Zinc Nickel Plating (ENP)
  • Phosphating
  • Entube Coating
  • Bead/Shot Blasting
  • Spray Bake Metal Coatings
  • Chromium Plating Services


  • Piston Rods
  • Piston Crowns
  • Exhaust Valve Spindles
  • Valve Housings
  • Metal Spraying
  • On Site Steel Construction

We have expanded and diversified the range of metal finishing and electroplating processes to cover virtually all requirements within a diverse range of industrial sectors including Computer, Telecommunications, Heavy engineering, Health, MOD and various other industries – all utilising and benefitting from our processes. Our plant in Aberdeen, Highland Electroplaters, can handle the quickest turn around times to suit the exacting requirements of the off shore industry and prides itself on this highly-rated service boasting famous names such as Halliburton, Howden, and Schlumberger amongst its loyal customer base.

Metal Finishing & Plating Services

Anodising, Copper plating, Silver plating, Nickel plating (ENP), Phosphating & Enlube coating.

Surface Preparations

Bead & Shot blasting, Pickling, Passivation.

Spray-Bake Coating
Xylan, Molykote, Everslik, Everlube and Zinc Nickel plating with wear resistant metal spray.

Our Heat exchanger factories are also excellently placed to supply replacement coolers, plates, tubes, gaskets and joints for plate and shell and tube coolers utilised on industrial plants and also land based power generation plants. Again, quick turnarounds are achieved to minimise downtime with some air coolers being manufactured within just three days!

Inspection and cleaning services are offered from both bases to ensure correct dimensional quotations are produced and vibrasonic cleaning is offered from both locations.