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Automotive | DMI Global

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For Automotive Metal forming operations, DMI is a World leader in the hard chrome plating of press tools. We own and operate state-of-the-art facilities in Detroit USA along with licensed partners all around the world who utilise our Patented processes for re-chroming of automotive dies and jigs. Our processes have seen us supply many happy customers including GKN, GM, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Nissan, SAAB, Stadco, Toyota, Unipres and VW, as well as Aston Martin and other prestigious marques. The process was invented by DMI in conjunction with our esteemed Japanese partner, Mr Araki.


Hard Chrome Plating
Surface Engineering
Press Tools
Mould Tools

Benefits of DMI hard chromium processes include:

– Reduced wear and a more stable surface with better panel consistency
– Reduced die maintenance
– Reduced pimpling
– Reductions in press down time, rework and scrap
– Reduced draw lubricant use
– Reduced environmental and health & safety issues
Significant operational cost savings can be made with the application of the DMI hard chrome plating process.

For Plastic Moulding, DMI also specialise in the hard chromium plating of plastic mould dies. A thin layer of chrome can be applied to either or both the core and cavity.  The chrome layer provides a hard, wear, chemical and corrosion resistant coating which offers low friction and excellent anti-stick characteristics. Release of the component from the cavity is made easier and the requirements for release agents can be eliminated. Highly polished and textured surface finishes can be maintained.

DMI coatings provide enhanced surface characteristics and are applied to new components or are used in the reconditioning of worn components which are returned to a “new or better” condition.