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DMI Global
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    DMI Global’s roots lie in servicing the marine sector and developing technologies for marine applications. We have a worldwide network of reconditioning stations for large bore ship engine components and hold a stock of exchange piston crowns, cylinder covers, exhaust valves and seats at strategic locations including Europe, Dubai, Singapore, São Paulo and three Chinese locations.

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    Now a long established player in the industrial sector, DMI Global is heavily involved in the manufacture of original and replacement parts, owning one of the largest electro-plating companies in the UK.

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    For Automotive Metal forming operations, DMI is a World leader in the hard chrome plating of press tools. We own and operate state-of-the-art facilities in North Shields UK and Detroit USA along with licensed partners all around the world.

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    DMI Global is actively engaged with the Petrochemical and offshore sectors becoming a member of BVAA (British Valve & Actuator Association) through its valve company DMI Young and Cunningham. DMI also work with and service drilling and exploration companies through its Aberdeen offices and factory.

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    Power Generation

    A very similar industry to the marine industry with very similar engines used to generate power rather than push ships meaning DMI Global and its companies’ experience in the marine sector can be applied here also. The power generation industry is serviced by DMI Group’s expertise in reconditioning of major components for engines and manufacturing.

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    We have a long and successful experience of reconditioning engine components for the Rail Industry and worked for many years with British Rail and Bombardier to keep the Paxman and Deltic engines healthy and in service. We are still reconditioning these same components, more especially nowadays, for foreign navies who utilise the same engines at sea.

Delivering world-class products in a competitive market

Who are DMI Global?

DMI Global is a group of medium sized companies each with its own management structure, answerable to a single board of directors, under one umbrella and head quartered in Newcastle, United Kingdom. The activities of the group enable it to provide comprehensive services to most industries and although predominantly it was based upon Marine activities in its earlier years it has progressed and expanded to incorporate many key industries and sectors.

The group consists of DMI UK Ltd,DMI Marine, DMI Young and Cunningham Ltd, AMI Exchangers Ltd, Applied Cooling Technology LLC, Highland Electroplaters Ltd, DMI Drechsler GmbH (Hamburg), Spiro Gills Thermal Products Ltd and Landon Engineering (Castle Works) Ltd. We also have Joint ventures, partners and licensees around the world in strategic locations.

DMI Group & Partners

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